Looking for a tailor-made training class on Lean to boost your teams competences for outstanding results?
Our in company classes bring to your organization a set of activities to enhance the skills of your champions by working on the student’s preparation, providing a content full of games and interaction,
detailed training materials and templates about the topics.
Funny classes filled with learning by doing exercises for the student to be able to reproduce everything they have learned in class at their work environment.

Strategic planning – Hoshin Kanri

A practical guidebook to develop a strategy plan focused on tangible and measurable results. Integrate Lean to your skills and enhance the success of your team.

Course length: 8 hours


Lean Thinking 

It can be applied either to offices or factories.

At any environment, all levels of your organization, can benefit from the Lean methodology.
Developing Lean thinking is the key to the success and excellence.

Course length: 16 hours

Lean Leadership

Excellence factor of many companies around the world.
Leaders who value the competence development of their employees and who boost talent through continuous improvement are the ones who gather many success stories.

Course length: 8 hours

Lean facilitators

Training for Lean Influencers.
Are you looking forward to optimize your development, your business opportunities and your success?
You can enhance your personal and professional development whether you work at multinational companies, small businesses, your office, your store, consulting firm or your community.
If these are your goals, the Training for Lean Influencers can help you.

Course length: 64 hours

Problem solvers

Turn the participants into problem solvers through methodologies and techniques.
Use the main quality tools, such as: 5W2H, 5 Whys, Ishikawa, Pareto chart, Stratification, among others, to promote higher efficiency in the diagnosis of symptoms x root cause.

Course length: 16 hours

5S Program

It can be applied either to offices or factories.
The methodology will enable you to improve your work environment turning it into a more productive and efficient workplace.
Raise business opportunities just by applying 5S in your daily activities.

Course length: 8 hours

SOP – Standardized work lab

It can be applied either to offices or factories..
The process activities are designed step by step aiming at delivering products and services that meet the customers and stakeholders demands.

Course length: 8 hours

Kaizen – Continuous improvement

The word Kaizen means change for the better.
This training will teach how to instigate, carry out and report a change building even more engagement and inspiring your team to use their full creative and innovative potential.

Course length: 16 hours

VSM – Value stream mapping

It can be applied either to offices or factories.
Map, measure and implement process improvements that pursue the waste elimination, cost reduction and that promote the use of creativity and engagement of your team.

Course length: 16 hours

Lean for Sales

We support the sales team to enhance and improve the sales processes from the beginning to the end.
Efficient detail-oriented process to fulfill your customer expectation.

Course length: 16 hours

Let’s empower people through knowledge!