Are you searching for a Lean consulting service that can master the way Lean would be applied to your business?
Now you find it!
Here we are to provide a simple language, customer-oriented coaching, experiential learning, games and simulation to ignite your teams to excel their capabilities and deliver the results you aim for.

The expertise of our professionals will take your organization to the top level of excellence.

They have worked internationally, around the globe, which brings to our services the cultural aspect of each country and region.
Join us to make a better world by applying Lean!

Our service portfolio brings broad expertise to help your company to implement and live the Lean culture. We work for small, medium and large companies.



In a highly competitive market, small details make the difference. Identify and work with them by using the LEAN methodology is our mission.
The art of sales and its processes – from the first contact with the customer to sale – become more efficient and productive with Lean.


After Sales

A good after-sales service is one of the best ways to create loyalty to your company, and Lean is the way to delight your customers and promote your brand focusing on loyalty.
Time is money, and Takt Lean business services will support you to optimize time and resources by reducing wastes in your processes, structuring internal services and boosting the development of your dream team.



Efficient processes impact all levels of the production chain (whether it is in the operation or in the process).
We work with solutions to map and prioritize actions to simplify and make you warranty process even more efficient and productive.


Services and manufacturing

Quality means to exceed your customers satisfaction concerning your products and services.
We know that and it is not an easy task, but we also know that working with continuous improvements in your processes, combined with an engaged team, your company and your staff can reach excellent results.
Let’s make your team ready to solve problems and encourage their creativity to transform business.



Lean application in Manufacturing is becoming crucial for companies that aim at being ahead of the competition and pursue the excellence.
By using the Lean and World Class Manufacturing methodology, we will enable your team to implement solid actions towards Zero defects, Zero accidents, Zero wastes and Zero breakdowns.


Internal and external logistics

The logistic processes have impact in the whole production chain and play an important role to keep the supply chain strong.
Map the steps of this process and apply the methodologies to reduce lead time and costs is our role.


Information technology

IT has a crucial role in the organizations.
It promotes productivity, efficiency and agility along the production and services chain.
It also contributes to reduce costs and strive for resources optimization in a digital world.
You can count on us to support the implementation of improvements based on Lean and contribute towards your IT excellence journey.



Have you already thought about turning your firm into a benchmark in the market?
We have examples of successful Lean business cases applied in the Legal field and we can help you to write this story.
Together we will review your processes, identify the main improvement opportunities, aiming at reducing rework and your costs considerably.


HR processes

Lean methodology is applied at any business or activity and it can help you to structure your People Management area and invest more time in the actual care of people.
Together we can improve your people HR processes by applying LEAN and World Class Manufacturing methodology, in any steps such as: recruitment and selection, competence development, statistics, operations and succession plan.


Safety & Environment

We can help your organization to build a safety and environment excellence system.
With our World Class Manufacturing expertise, we can enable you to pursue Zero accidents and Sustainability. Using structure and a logical mindset, we work with step by step activities to boost your journey towards an environment with zero accidents and that can make the difference to the future generations.

How we work



    Time to understand the client business, the goals and scope of work to develop a strategy plan, in addition to establishing actions, responsibilities, performance indicators and expected results.



    Apply the lean concept, its methods and tools by coaching your talents and developing people to deliver the desired results.



    Learning by doing approach to ensure the practices adopted will be sustained and improved.



    Measure the results, check before and after implementation records and celebrate our success.

We are committed to use a lot of creativity, engage teams and promote skills development to ensure long-lasting and solid results for you company.


Your success is ours!