Welcome to Takt Lean Business, a company developed to offer premier Lean services for your company.

Passionate about our clients, proud of the work we do, we are ready to help you grow your business and make it
a successful and profitable world class organization by applying the Lean concept.

Our way of working is based on developing competences of teams and individuals and on enhancing their skills
to improve performance and results.

We work with innovation and continuous improvement to make of your company a reference of excellence to the market.

Results? Indeed. Here we are to make it happen!

Ready to promote ideas and boost talent? Let’s empower people!


Change the world of business and society through Lean application.
Empower people with knowledge and drive our clients to the top by building consistent results
and developing their associates based on practices of a world class organization.


Using of creativity, methodology and logic together with our clients’ team to build consistent business results
by applying the Lean concept.


Responsibility, innovation, trust and ethic as premises of our business.

  • LEAN


    Lean is a production method derived from Toyota's 1930 operating model “The Toyota Way”. Globally known, Lean has its principles based on building a robust process, focused on wastes elimination, optimize tasks that add value to the customer and empower people to solve problems and continuously improve their way of working.

  • WCM - World Class Manufacturing

    WCM - World Class Manufacturing

    WCM - World Class Manufacturing is a philosophy that was applied in a program based on 10 managerial pillars and 10 technical pillars, both combined to achieve high levels of excellence. It works by aiming “the beautiful zero”, which means, Zero accidents, Zero defects, Zero breakdown and Zero wastes. It was created by Dr. Prof. Hajime Yamashina, professor emeritus of Kyoto's University and member of RSA(Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences).

  • TAKT


    Takt is a German word that means baton, it's the instrument used by an orchestra conductor. It gives directions and communicates with the musicians about the musical beat and rhythm. When applied to Lean, takt is combined with the word time, takt time, and it refers to the amount of time a manufacturer has per unit to produce enough goods to fulfill customer demand and it is an essential tool in ensuring that goods flow through each build station in the most efficient manner.

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